Viarco and the Drawing Room awarded the New Talent Award to Irene González, born in Málaga in 1988. The artist lives and works in Madrid, holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and holds a Master’s Degree in Design – Creation, Production and Broadcast, made in 2012.

The jury was composed by Mónica Alvarez Careaga, Director of Drawing Room Lisbon, José Vieira Araújo, administrator of Viarco – Pencil Factory, Eva Alvarez Torre, collector of contemporary art, and Ivania Gallo, art consultant.

The award was presented to the Silvestre Gallery representing the young artist, whose work is influenced by the old photograph with images alluding to the memory, “the prize was a surprise” and thanked “Viarco and the Drawing Room Lisboa this recognition.”

“I am very excited to be able to meet the Viarco Pencil Factory, which is one of the oldest manufacturers in Europe and unique here in the Iberian Peninsula. For someone like me whose work is based on drawing, it has an even more significant value”, said the artist .

Congratulations to Irene González, as soon as the artistic residency takes place, we will make news.