2015 > 2016

Tempos de Vista brings together several creative artists with creative affinities who have found, among their interests, the common ambition to carry out a site specific itinerant and continuous project. The Collective is composed by Inês Teles, Joana Gomes, Margarida Mateiro, Maria Sassetti and Xana Sousa, graduates, postgraduates and masters at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon, Chelsea College of Art & Design, Byam Shaw School of Art, Slade School of Fine Art and Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona.


Circuitos de Repetição at Viarco – Pencil Factory and at Oliva Creative Factory is an exhibition that explores four basic concepts: History, Place, Materials and Process. The artists present site-specific (place) and matter-specific (about industrial materials) interventions on a bipartite exhibition that will offer several perspectives of these places. The Circuit translates two structural notions of this edition: travel circuit, cycle, established passage and itinerancy, namely, in the traffic between Lisbon and São João da Madeira, in the circulation between the two factories both in the artistic production process and in the course of the own bipartite exposure; On the other hand, it is also related to the circuit of the materials in the work itself inside the factories, the repetition of processes and methods, the gestures of the employees, the series of objects that ran thought the production lines and came in order to the shelves after the distribution.


Biographies, reviews, images… You can read and view the catalog in Flipbook format.