The Laboratory Collective saw in Viarco positioning of  (relative to the artistic scene) an inspiring and stimulating place to realize another one of their residences.

The environment of this factory is unique, retaining an industrial heritage unique. It affirms its identity and history and keeps alive a spirit of remarkable reinvention and innovation.

The attention and rigor with which all materials are thought and produced is extraordinary. With symbolic and affectionate awakened values, the most proven quality and all possibilities for exploring various techniques and materials, Viarco products have become extremely interesting, challenging and appealing especially for artists. These factors naturally the potential of the Collective Laboratory, which is distinguished by experimentation and sharing of ideas.

From this intersection of knowledge, resulted a set of works produced during the two moments of the artistic residency, which took place from June 10 to 16 and from August 5 to 10, 2018.

The exhibition announces some of the routes explored during the stay in the factory and promotes the diversity of proposals and complementarity of forms of expression. The spaces were chosen by and for all, taking into account each intervention.


Miguel Gaspar carried out a photographic project, recording moments of the operation of the factory, its collaborators and the other artists of the collective, presenting a set of portraits that capture these actions / expressions.

In the case of Ana Fonseca, the two facilities celebrate the design (through study, experimentation and practice) and highlight the potential of graphite on various substrates.

The suspended sculptures of Beatriz Horta Correia establish, by scale and plastic treatment, a dialogue contrasting with the surrounding space, totally impregnated with graphite, and of a strong industrial character.

The duo Falsos Gémeos (Sofia and Rui) executed a series of works designed to choose architectural features and free the imagination of those who work there. To this end, they created sceneries / saturated environments where you can find vibrant vegetation and hybrid animals.

The interventions of Graça Pereira Coutinho establish two different relations with the factory. For one, he brought the previous residence (also in factory context) a set of images, generating through these his experiences a sequentiality between the two residences. For the oura, he suspended a drawing (Mar Azul), which promotes well-being and adds to the space a feeling of hope and freedom.


A photophilic essay by Miguel Gaspar.
In a confrontation between a machine man and machines without men, synthesized voices, they mechanically report these premises, raising questions of artificial intelligence and the role of art in industry.

Digital album conceived from a project of collective artistic residency, proposed by Aglaíze Damasceno, made at Viarco Pencil Factory.

Captação de som e gravações: Aglaíze Damasceno
Equipamento: Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder