Originals and Reeditions


Several Themes

A faithful reedition of several vintage pencils, each one with different themes. A collection that goes from the Highway Code to fruit and vegetables, cars, animals, antique stamps, the multiplication table, the alphabet and musical notes. Several subjects, for all tastes.

The set of 72 pencils is presented in a display box with images allusive to drawing and painting, in the Portuguese designing style of that time.

The Classic Multiplication Table

With eraser

This object is possibly known by everyone as a childhood symbol. There are several versions of it, accordingly to the manufacturer’s nationality. And this one is ours, the Portuguese version. Curiously, it continues to be produced with the original machine, even with the same flaws.

The multiplication table pencil is a tool that helps the process of memorization, it plays an important role in the individual’s structured knowledge, because although we live in an era in which is important to know how to find the information, knowledge itself remains important, like knowing how to do mental calculations.

– HB2 pencil.

– The set includes the display box.

Viarco Classic Pencil

Set of 12 pencils

The classic pencil number 250 is an object and symbol of Viarco that refers to the beginning of the brand.

This graphite pencil with a simple design remains to this day. Its distinctive appearance is possibly a result of the period in which it appeared.

– Available in HB2, B1, H3 and H4.

– Packs of 12 and 72 pencils.

Old School Packs

Colour Pencil

The first re-edition project was carried forward in 2006 with this set, with the purpose of honour the brand’s memoir.

This set is a faithful representation of the production between the years 1950 and 1975 that is reborn in a partnership with “A Vida Portuguesa”. Each package of pencils shows a representative image of activities practiced by the younger ones of that period, thus, awakening childhood memories of the grown-ups.

These re-editions also contain an information sheet about the history of the brand, in Portuguese and English languages.

– Packs of 12 colour pencils of 9cm.


Colour Pencils

From the partnership with “A Vida Portuguesa” reappears another object of the brand’s past.

The pencil box, known as “Piggy”, produced between the 40s and 60s, is a faithful reedition known by its humorous illustration.

– Pack of 6 colour pencils of 9cm.

Landscape Box

Colour Pencils

A set produced by the brand between the years 1940 and 1960, which stands out from the rest of the packaging by its landscape illustration, returns to be in the vintage collection.

The box also contains an information sheet about the history of the brand, in Portuguese and English languages.

– Set of 12 colour pencils of 18cm.

– Partnership with “A Vida Portuguesa”.


Colour Pencils

It is an original package that represents the 60’s of the brand.

The object contains allusive images to the spectacle, the circus and the entertainment, appealing to children’s wishes of fun, and at the same time, a way of artistic expression for the younger ones.

– Sets of 12 coloured pencils of 18cm.

– Two different packs: yellow and green.

– Limited stock.

Formula 1

Colour Pencils

The box with the Formula 1 illustration is an original object of Viarco productions in the 1980s.

– A set of 6 coloured pencils of 18cm.

– Limited stock.