1907 > 2016



Establishment of the Fábrica de Lápis Portugália, by Conselheiro Figueiredo Faria and Engineer Jules Cacheux, in Vila do Conde.



Bankruptcy of Portugália and its acquisition by Manoel Vieira Araújo.



Registration of the Viarco brand (Vieira Araújo e Companhia, Lda).



Relocation of the pencil factory from Vila do Conde to São João da Madeira.


Beginning of the production of crayons.



Registration of the company Viarco Industria de Lápis, Lda.



Discovery of the watercolour graphite, by António José Vieira Araújo Araújo in a partnership with José Emídio.



Division of the company Vieira Araújo & Cª Lda. in two companies, Viarco and Vieira Araújo.


Release of Viarco’s website.



“Viarco 70 anos”exhibition, in a partnership with Maus Hábitos.

“O Espírito do Lugar”exhibition, by Pascal Nordmann, in a partnership with the Art Centre of São João da Madeira.

Beginning of the Viarco Express, project, in a partnership with Maus Hábitos.

Exhibition and reedition of old packages, in a partnership with “A Vida Portuguesa”.

Drawing Experience exhibition, in a partnership with the Designer Miguel Vieira Baptista.

“Riscos e Rabiscosexhibition, at the Municipal Library of Carnaxide, Oeiras.



Registration of the ArtGraf brand.

Beginning of the ArtGraf watercolour graphite production.

Participation at the Cerveira Biennial “100 Anos do fabrico de lápis em Portugal”.

“Linhas Marcadas” exhibition, Municipal Library of Caldas da Rainha.

Release of the book “Histórias do Lápis Mágico” at the International Comics Festival, Amadora.



Opening of Viarco’s Atelier, with Ricardo Pistola and Pedro Alves.

Beginning of the partnership with ESEIG with the Viarco awards.



Release of the ArtGraf XL Drawing Graphite Stick, watercolour pencils boxes Silkscreen Series and Magneto’s pencils.

Extension of the ArtGraf range. First international experience under the Viarco and ArtGraf brands at Tent London.

“Atelier Viarco” exhibition, led by Ricardo Pistola with the participation of Mafalda Santos and Mariana Moraes, in a partnership with Maus Hábitos.

First public presentation of the Viarco Express project, at the Museu da Presidência da República.

Participation in the Experimenta Design ‘EXD09’.

Artistic Residence of Diogo Pimentão.



Release of the Turn it pencil, authorship of Miguel Soeiro, selected at the POP’s from Serralves.

Participation in Zona Tortona at the Milan Design Week.

Release of Viarco’s Online Store.

Beginning of the partnership with ColorADD, and release of the first pencil box with colour identification code for the colourblind.

Exhibition “Marcas de Identidade – Desenho de uma Indústria” promoted and held by the Museu da Chapelaria, S. João da Madeira.

Viarco Express exhibition at Torre da Oliva, S. João da Madeira.

Destination Portugal selected products to sale at the MoMA, New York.

Article publication about Viarco products in Monocle magazine.



Viarco’s transition to the 4th generation of the family.

Release of the Stenced Pencils, Break to Sharpen, and Dummy pencils, selected at the POP’s from Serralves.

Beginning of Viarco and ArtGraf brands’ distribution in the United States.

Participation in the Ordem de Compra – O Design e a Indústria Portugueses na Economia Actualexhibition, held by Experimenta Design.

“Viarco Express” exhibition at the Almeida Garrett Library in Porto.

Article publication about Viarco products in Wallpapermagazine.



Beginning of the project Turismo Industrial de S. João da Madeira.

Official visit from Mr. President of Republic, Professor Aníbal Cavaco Silva.

Artistic Residence from Richard Câmara and Marco Moreira, in a partnership with the city council of São João da Madeira.

Release of the VHILS, coloured pencils box, numbered and signed edition, in a partnership with Montana Shop.

Documentary “Marcas com História” at KBS 1, South Korean TV channel.



First participation at the Paperworld in Frankfurt with Viarco’s own space.

Beginning of the Viarco and ArtGraf brands’ distribution at the Asian and Australian markets.

‘Viarco – Traços para o Futuro’ exhibition, in Museu Municipal de Penafiel.

‘Viarco – Traços para o Futuro’exhibition, in the Experimenta Design ‘EXD13’.



Release of the ArtGraf Tailor Shape in earth tones.

Opening of the Viarco Gallery in the Art District da Cidadela de Cascais, with the “Viarco – Traços para o Futuro” exhibition.

‘Viarco – Traços para o Futuro’ exhibition in the Centro de Artes de Sines.

Exhibition ‘40 Anos sem censura?’ and screening of the film ‘Lápis Azul’ by Rafael Antunes in Paços da Cultura em S. João da Madeira.

‘Viarco – Traços da Liberdade’ exhibition embedded in the Imaginarius festival, Sta. Maria da Feira.

‘Traços da Liberdade’ exhibition in a partnership with Partners and ‘40 Anos sem censura?’ exhibition in the Viarco Gallery, Cidadela de Cascais.

Finalist with ColorADD in the Co-Criação project for a more inclusive society in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Open day Viarco, with the closing of the Viarco Express project, meeting of Urban Sketchers, and concert of the Creative Orchestra from Sta. Maria da Feira.

‘Under Construction’ exhibition by Ricardo Pistola in the Viarco Gallery, Cidadela de Cascais.

‘Viarco – Traços para o Futuro’ exhibition in the Municipal Museum of Vale de Cambra.



Release of the ArtGraf Watercolour Graphite Powder.

Article publication about Viarco products in Icon magazine.

‘A Century Design Project’ exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

Release of the ArtGraf Nº1 Graphite Putty.

Artistic Residence from the collective “Tempos de Vista” and “Circuitos de Repetição” exhibition, in a partnership with Oliva Creative Factory.



“Made in Portugal” exhibition with the ColorADD, at the Design and Fashion Museum, Lisbon.

Companhia Persona presentation of Azert, concert/performance at Viarco, as part of the 4th anniversary of Turismo Industrial

Article publication about Viarco in Slantedmagazine.

Artistic Residence from the Morphe collective, in a partnership with Oliva Creative Factory.

[D] IN – Design na Inovação Industrialexhibition, Viarco’s example, at Oliva Creative Factory.

Transmission of the second episode of the 10th season of the program Isto é Matemática, recorded at Viarco and presented by Rogério Martins.

Interview with José Vieira on the RTP Network Business III program.

Photographic exhibition of Joaquim Leal under the theme Viarco, at Loja Deleme Janelas, Oporto.



Launching of the Morphe, Una, Dupla and Nora drawing tools and the Viarco Vintage Collection box, reissue of 6 packs from the 50s/60s.

Viarco selected in the Raw Bible, a manifesto of quality, passion and craftmanship, published in Germany, brings together 101 raw brands that preserve its history.

Exhibition “Rainha das Cores” at Viarco in partnership with Bichinho do Conto.

Workshop “Multidisciplinary Innovation Projects”,in partnership with ESMAD and NTU.

Exhibition”Viarco Express” at Museu Alberto Sampaio, Guimarães.

Transmission of the Viarco episode in the “Fabrico Nacional” program of RTP1.

First participation at Maison Et Objet in Paris with the presentation of the RISKO Drawing Desk in prototype phase.

Presentation of the RISKO prototype at the London Design Fair, with Associative Design.



Launch of the RISKO Drawing Desk V1 at Creativeworld in Frankfurt.

Presentation of RISKO at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in Stockholm, with Associative Design.

The ArtGraf and Viarco products as a support for “48H a Desenhar”, at Vila Nova de Gaia.

Interview with José Vieira about Viarco on the Portugal Ventures platform.

Participation at the 12th Drawing Now Art Fair in Paris.

Transmission of the 13th episode Literatura Aqui IV about the Poetry to the Table that counted with the participation of the employees of Viarco, in RTP2.

Presentation of RISKO at Milan Design Week in Brera Design District, Milan, with Associative Design.

Exhibition “Debaixo da Pele, o Desenho” of Agostinho Santos at Viarco factory.