Viarco | Travelers Bag
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Travelers Bag

Handcrafted in Portugal with high quality vegetable tanned leather, Viarco travel bag it’s a lifetime piece.

Ideal for traveling, or just to go to the end of the street to make a sketch, allows to carry comfortably dozens of different tools, safety organized.

Specially designed to have a simple and immediate access to all the interior, it’s divided by layers simplify the process of recognition and selection of the desire tool. (Even during a standing position)

  • 3 layers of organization
  • 2 interior pockets
  • extensible strap
  • possibility of integral or partial opening
  • 2 levels of with
  • 2 forms of use: shoulder strap or waist
  • includes: 6 Viarco Pencil

Designed at Viarco.
Made in Portugal by Belcinto.