Drawing is a physical relationship.

Together, the body and the tool create.


PONTA is a “digital connector” that connects a drawing tool to the user’s fingers. This physical relationship, body/tool, transforms the movement of drawing, allows multiple new approaches and increases its use from the artistic area to motor and cognitive therapy.

PONTA aims to provide new ways for drawing, painting, interacting with supports and tools, attracting and including new audiences.



  • Inclusive
  • Three sizes: thin, regular and large
  • 4B Graphite pencil
  • Stainless steel

Instructions for use

For more comfort, you can use a small piece of paper or fabric to accommodate your finger to Ponta.

Can I replace the pencil? What do I do when it’s done?

The pencil is the basic tool for this tool, but you can replace it with another one, colored pencils, brush, graphite stick. To remove the pencil/tool, turn it out instead of pulling.