During our journey of discovering the artistic potential of the ArtGraf Tailor Shape as a drawing and painting tool, we came across with vintage steel brush from Speedball, the ancient calligraphic nib factory from the USA.

At that moment we already knew that due to the huge pigment concentration and solubility, the ArtGraf Tailors could be used in calligraphy by preparing the ink using the oriental technique of Sumi.

However, the steel brush was something different and we started to use it on Viarco presentations.

This was immediately recognised by artists. They knew they had something unique on their hands, these two tools were a perfect match for each other, allowing them to draw, paint and write.

Several times Viarco informed Speedball about the enthusiastic reaction of artists, that they should find a way to promote it, but unfortunately due to the high costs of manufacturing and low demand Speedball suspended the production.

Unfortunately, future generations of artists won’t have the opportunity to try it, so, as a tribute to this wonderful tool, we made this set hoping that one day will be brought to light again.


To make this happen Viarco bought the remaining available stock and applied everything it has learned in the process to come up with an object to reflect the history behind both companies and create a complete experience for the user.

From a local cherry tree, we have made the box, a simple design based on the pencil manufacturing process called “sandwich”. For the pen holder, we used the few remaining original Viarco double holders from the 1960’s to allow the creation of different strokes. For the ink, the box has an area to prepare it the same way the oriental artist do. We also included the black Tailor to draw and make the ink, and the 4 sizes of the amazing steel brush to connect everything.

This set’s about the past and the future, it’s about how good things will disappear when people don’t know about their existence. When they are not able to recognize the true value of craftsmanship. Collaboration can be the key to the construction of a better civilization and the best way for independent companies to survive in such a competitive world.

Viarco and Speedball have a long history and tradition, but more important than that, in our days both companies share the respect for human values ​​and the belief that the artists make a better world.



  • 4 Sizes of Speedball Steelbrush
  • 1 Viarco vintage pen nº133
  • 1 ArtGraf Tailor Shape, Black
  • 1 Fabric to cleaning after using

limited edition of 100 pieces

This set will delivery with an Authenticity Certified and the boxes are numbered, and they are just 100!

About Black Tailor?

Inspired by the traditional tailor’s pencil, the ArtGraf Tailor Shape is a block of pressed pigment, designed for drawing and painting.

Extremely soft and water-soluble ArtGraf Tailor Shape allows you to produce a wide range of colours, and light, dark and opaque colours.

ArtGraf Tailor Shape is an excellent tool for drawing and painting.