Diogo Pimentão



Born in Lisbon, he currently lives and works in London.
For ten years, Diogo Pimentão seeks to open the horizon of design and its conventions to other dimensions, other processes and other tools. The act of drawing involves a close relationship of it with the body choreography, which establishes the work scale: mechanically folded papers by hand for the main compounds of black monochromatic lines drawn by the moving body. Therefore, the paper or the wood surface no longer appears as a flat surface, but flexible, foldable, elastic, it can become volume.

The work of Pimentão refuses any hierarchy between drawing and sculpture, intention and improvisation. With its derivatives or its effects, it is like a constant play of the points of view, a language, in the attempt to be defined.

He passed by Viarco and felt like a fish in the water for a week.
Here he found tools and raw material that helped him in the preparation of his exhibition for the Marz Gallery in 2009, and in the following ones.


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