July/August 2019

During the residency 6 artists, coming from Australia, Netherlands and United Kingdom, all of whom have recently completed their Masters of Fine Art (Drawing and Sculpture) in the London, react, create and draw to the material ‘graphite’ and the factory at Viarco:  its basic earthly elements, how it is made into art materials and the people who do that – from factory worker to artists.

​The resultant works show how graphite ‘thinks’ in the mind of the artist.
Exploring the material and the circumstance where graphite is used to manufacture artist’s tool, during the residency at Viarco, the artists immersed themselves in the elements of its creation, thus creating a body of work.

These resultant works sprang from the dedication and the desire to work in this unique factory with the material that is so critical to drawing, to have access to the raw materials, access to the process and unhindered use of the final products and the people involved.

” Working every day in a designated artist’s area at Viarco in Portugal we allowed the infection of graphite, pencils, ochres, charcoal, soluble graphite and ochres and people to take hold.
Sarah Duyshart (MA Fine Art Sculpture) Janine Hall (MA Fine Art Drawing) Emma Hollaway (MA Fine Art Drawing) Caroline Holt-Wilson (MA Fine Art Drawing) myself (MA Fine Art Drawing) and Ellis Scheer (MA Fine Art Drawing) lived in S.Joao da Madiera and worked at the Viarco Pencil Factory each day for one or two weeks each.
José allows and encourages this for many reasons, and for particular people. He loves to see artists work with his products, loves to let artists play, discover, challenge in ways that help them become freer while helping Viarco understand artist’s needs and behaviour,  A truly special symbiosis born of good will, generosity, excellence, work ethic and an incredible sense of adventure. ”  
Jo Lane

The work below was executed during the two week period each artist came to Viarco’s factory and its Atelier. One work of Caroline’s is being created while at home now in response to her period there. One of Janine’s works pictured will also be added to post residency also, this will continue.

This portfolio is not a curated selection, but rather shows all documented work done and includes experimental, immediate and trial works as well as ‘completed’ pieces. Many of the works are shown entire then followed by an angled close up, this particularly pertains to works with graphite to indicate the sheen at different viewing angles. The colours used are all products made from pigments and materials at Viarco also.

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