• This tool produces unpredictable movements and results, from a conventional pencil join with a flexible prosthesis. This flexibility and, at the same time, elasticity do, from the act of drawing, a challenging exercise in the pursuit of tool domination.

  • It´s like a joint between two pencils, which begins to draw in parallel through a spring system that moves away the pencils and brings them closer. And, at the same time that we draw, we become choreographers.

  • In this ingenious tool the movement is generated from one centre, producing two types of spots at the same time. A stronger spot that marks the central axis, and a second lighter spot that goes around the circumference at this same centre.


Mais uma visita especial! Durante o 12º Encontro Internacional de Ilustração de S. João da Madeira, ilustradores e convidados visitaram-nos e experimentaram os nossos produtos no Atelier Viarco....

A 2ª edição da Drawing Room Lisboa teve lugar entre os dias 9 e 13 de Outubro, na Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes em Lisboa. A Viarco e a Drawing Room atribuíram o Prémio Novo Talento Desenho ao artista argentino, Matías Ercole, da Miranda Bosch......

Imaginada no seio de uma fábrica de lápis, a “Risko” é uma secretária criada para desenho e pintura. É uma memória analógica, uma máquina de desenho capaz de guardar metros de criatividade. Mais do que uma secretária confortável, a Risko é um posto de trabalho......



As a result of the partnership with the designer Miguel Neiva, Viarco already offers a product line with the inclusion of the ColorADD code.

ColorADD is a project developed with the aim of enabling color blind people to correctly identify colors and to limit the constraints and exclusions made by the inability to distinguish them.

ColorADD is an extremely intuitive symbolic language, where the entire color/code palette is built from the primary colors and their conjugation.

For Viarco it is a great honor to participate in this 100% national project, which has a direct influence on improving the quality of life for many people.


TURN IT results from a projectual experience that aims to rethink the wooden pencil as an object and sign by promoting a creative reflection on its significance, form, function and its connection to contemporary design.

Multifunctional object, tactile, rigorous, poetic, valuable, communicative, informative, among other characteristics showing to be a privileged vehicle for each designer to communicate his particular way of thinking and developing a project.

Design by Miguel Flores Soeiro, collaboration with ESAD.CR and Viarco.

Do you have an idea?! Want to develop something that involves the pencil?!