New Concepts

Silkscreen Series

Water-colour Pencils

Viarco Silkscreen Series is an artist quality set of 24 water colour pencils, very smooth, with bright colours and high solubility properties.

The challenge of this project was to create a rigid/functional packaging with simple materials that could be an alternative to the conventional material (metal or plastic) and at the same time, an attractive object for an urban and creative population.

The Silkscreen Series defines a crossover in Viarco’s product design. Limited production, 1500 units.


What if the tool makes more difficult to do the task?

The Morphe set was born from a study about materialization of concepts and alternative approaches to drawing. Una, Dupla and Nora are the result of a project proposed by ESAD design students.


Scented Pencils

Backyards and Gardens of Portugal

When visitors come to Viarco invariably associate the smell of cedar wood used in the production of the pencil as “an intimate scent of childhood”. This olfactory/affective association connected to the pencil is the base of this whole project, with which it intends to create a small olfactory portrait of Portugal’s Backyards and Gardens.

In partnership with i-SENSIS – perfume design, we created the collection Backyards and Gardens of Portugal with scents of Orange Flower, Lily of Valley, Jasmine, Peony, Fig and Lavender.

A small tribute to our grandparents´ homes.

Turn It

Spinning Top Pencil
TURN IT results from a projectual experience that aims to rethink the wooden pencil as an object and sign by promoting a creative reflection on its significance, form, function and its connection to contemporary design. Multifunctional object, tactile, rigorous, poetic, valuable, communicative, informative, among other characteristics showing to be a privileged vehicle for each designer to communicate his particular way of thinking and developing a project.


Just Fix It

Young, fresh, fashionable and very practical. The Magneto’s are HB pencils that have a magnetic application that allows fixing them in the most unusual places. From the obvious and useful “Refrigerator Magnet” to the “Magneto Spiral Notebook”, they will always be wherever you´ll need.

The collection of 36 different models allows the choice of the product in line with the consumer profile and reduces the possibility of having two identical pencils in the same place.

As a decorative object or simple solution to quickly find a pencil, it is sure that the Magneto’s exhibitor meets the expectations. Originally designed to be sold in our store, this exhibitor gained its own life by becoming a target of interest between many connoisseurs, users and pencil collectors. The exhibitor holds the complete collection of 36 HB pencils.

Cheating Pencil

Multiplication Table Pencil

It is correct to teach our children to be completely honest when we are often fooled by adults?

HB2 pencils with the multiplication table printed on, in a dark-toned version this time, which makes the numbers almost imperceptible to the eyes of others.

From a simple change, an object with a stronger subversive nature was born, it helps to escape the rules, a position and risky action that, at the end, is part of the system.

– The set includes the exhibitor.

Dummy pencil

The worst pencil in the world

Dummy: stupid, dumb, imitation or copy, a mock-up. We won´t lie, this is exactly what this pencil is, a false object with no apparent use.

The idea behind the production of this pencil is playful: to prank and play with others, a natural and expected behaviour in children. We wanted to create a fun object that would allow us to laugh at and with others and ourselves.

It is also a way to mock products and companies struggling ferociously under the premise that only the fittest survive.

The Dummy Pencil is a realistic object, made to look exactly like a real pencil, except that no one can write with it.

Break To Sharpen

Do you?

The Sharpener and the Pencil are two intimate objects that relate each other in perfection, they work so well together that could almost be a male and a female of any animal species. Interestingly, in this metaphor, when comparing to the male, the female one has a bigger life expectancy too.

The idea of fixing de sharpener to the pencil making impossible to use it without breaking the object, that’s the challenge facing the user, whether he is available to sacrifice, disabling it forever.

This pencil is also a metaphor for today, where the disposable waste is often seen as useful without even questioning about the costs that they pose to society and the environment.


The Versatile Case

The Tablet was originally developed by Luís Correia, a design student at ESAD, as part of the Packaging course ministered by Professor Rui Mendonça.

The premise was to create a versatile case for writing and painting tools that could be adapted to the user´s needs in a practical way, while providing immediate visibility of the objects.

Its appearance and functionality remind us of old tool boards, but with a contemporary twist.