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Graphite pencils, Colour pencils, Crayons


12 Color Pencils

The first pencil box for colour blind people. Without restraints. No limits.


As a result of the partnership with the designer Miguel Neiva, starting from September 2010 Viarco will provide a product line with the inclusion of the ColorADD code.

ColorADD is a project developed with the aim of enabling colour blind people to correctly identify colours and to limit the constraints and exclusions made by the inability to distinguish them.

ColorADD is an extremely intuitive symbolic language, where the entire colour/code palette is built from the primary colours and their conjugation.

For Viarco it is a great honour to participate in this 100% national project, which has a direct influence on improving the quality of life for many people.


12 Color Pencils

Hexagonal colour pencils, adequate for school use.

Good colour coverage, strong lead and easy to sharpen.


12 Watercolour Pencils

AQUA colour pencils. High quality pencil with watercolour properties when you use it with water. With Viarco’s AQUA pencils, you can paint in two different/complementary ways using the same material, with surprising results.


12 Plastic Covered Crayons

VIARCOPLAST plastic covered Crayons, do not break, can be sharpened, erased and do not get your hands dirty.

Perfect for children that are starting to draw with colours.

Clássic 250

Hexagonal Graphite pencil

Graphite pencil, Viarco’s classic model, available in packs of 12 or 72 pencils, and in blister of 2, 3, and 4 pencils. HB2, B1, H3, and H4 grade.