ArtGraf Nº1


ArtGraf Nº1 is a soft graphite putty that allows the user to shape the drawing tool according to specific drawing needs.

Shape it into a large ball and make big coloured areas for big drawing or shape it into a smaller tool for greater control.

ArtGraf Nº1 can create a wide range of shades and colour contrast through the use of more or less material. Nº1 can be used directly from the package or mixed with water.



  • Use it dry or wet
  • Shape it as you wish
  • Use it in small or large formats
  • It is possible to erase the drawing after it dries out


To ensure the drawing’s integrity and stability, the ArtGraf Nº1 was developed to fix and dry quickly, allowing the work continuity even when used on wet surfaces.

Keep the package sealed in order to keep the humidity.

What to do when the product dries out even inside the packaging?

If you notice that the putty shows signs of excessive drying, add water, incrementally, depending on how adaptable you want the material to be.
When the product shows to be completely dry, you can fix it just with the addition of water in the packaging itself, wait 1 or 2 days and it will return to its initial state. Treat it as clay.