2019 review

We reviewed the past year and identified lots of good events. We are in permanent change, but the focus is always on the central structure – to produce pencils every day.
However, our activity goes beyond the production, we highlight the consideration of the international artistic community that has been visiting us in residency.

Park Bench


Created, developed and produced by the Municipal Council of S. João da Madeira and council worker. This urban furniture is already a brand image of the city and an established reference of the municipal Industrial Tourism program.

Industrial Tourism

7th Anniversary

Between January 21st and 26th, the S. João da Madeira Industrial Tourism project celebrated its 7th anniversary with free tours to the many entities that make part of the city’s Industrial Patrimony.

Creativeworld 2019

Frankfurt, Germany

On the 7th year we changed our stand location, we have increased our stand space, maintaining the same communication that we have been presenting.

Risko receives a Design award

German Design Awards

Risko received an international Design Award. The recognition was given by the German Design Awards, including an honorable mention in the category of Excellent Product Design – Office Furniture.

Artistic Residency

Beatriz Manteigas, PT

This visual artist lives and works between Cascais and Aveiro. PhD scholarship by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia), Design area, at the Lisbon University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

Talk at Eii

Informal Illustrators Meeting

Viarco went to Avenida Café-Concerto, Aveiro, to explain why we need to take good care of Illustrators.

Artistic Residency

Multiplied Drawing, BR + PT

Opening of the “Multiplied Drawing” exhibition, authorship by Aglaíze Damasceno, Clara Sampaio, Rita Gaspar Vieira, Vanda Madureira and Marcelo Forte, on March 23th, 5p.m, at Viarco.

Poetry at the Table

Visit from the Minister of Culture

On Poetry Day we received Graça Fonseca, Minister of Culture, and Jorge Sequeira, President of the city’s Municipal Council, stimulated by the celebration of an art that “…should essentially be celebrated outside the books”, quoting the minister. We stopped the production and recited poems presented by our co-workers, by Paulo Condessa and by the Minister of Culture, in an annual session of artistic recreation that is already usual at our factory.

Workshop at Viking 1914

Copenhagen, DK

José Vieira demonstrating Viarco and ArtGraf products at our Danish distributor.


Viarco Exhibition

We were invited to create a Viarco space at the 3th Arte Gaia International Bienal, where the visitors got to know the pencil production process at Quinta da Fiação de Lever, Gaia.

Talk at INOVDesign

Viana do Castelo

Viarco as a Case of Success, held by Serralves.

Artistic Residency

Irene González, ES

The Spanish artist Irene González, the big winner of the Viarco Portugal Award at the Lisbon Drawing Room 2018, did an Artistic Residency at Viarco atelier.

Hat Weekend

Yellow Wave

The Onda Amarela – Yellow Wave project was at the Hat Weekend Festival from S. João da Madeira. Listening to the steam whistle always brings a nostalgic feeling.

Artistic Residency

Carolina Dubert, PT

Carolina Dubert won the Aveiro Young Creator (Jovem Criador de Aveiro) in the Painting category, resulting in an artistic residency at Viarco with Ricardo Pistola as instructor.

Artistic Residency

Thinking Graphite, AUS + UK + NL

Jo Lane, Janine Hall, Caroline Holt Wilson, Ellis Scheer, Emma Hollaway and Sarah Duyshart came from Australia, UK and Netherlands to Viarco to prepare their final works for their Masters Degrees in Fine Arts at the UAL - University of the Arts London.

Maison et Objet 2019

Paris, France

For the 3th year, we participated in the Maison et Objet, Paris.

Risko Drawing Desk

Promotional Video

We invited Tormenta Filmes to produce a promotional video for Risko.

Drawing Workshop

Under the Skin, by NAAV

The Architects Center of Aveiro (NAAV - Núcleo de Arquitetos de Aveiro) held a drawing workshop at Viarco.

Portugal Industrial

Bienal Design Porto

The connections between Design and Industry in exhibition at the Bienal Design Porto. Viarco products on display.

Talk at YETI

Branca, Albergaria a Velha

We were at the YETI, illustration festival, for an informal talk about the professionalization of illustrators/artists.

Drawing Room Lisbon

Viarco Space

For the 2nd time we attended this Art fair, inserted in the editorial space, we displayed our Viarco and ArtGraf products, as well as Risko.

Drawing Talent Award

Drawing Room Lisbon

Viarco and Drawing Room’s New Drawing Talent Award was given to Matias Ercole (Argentina).

International Illustration Meeting

S. João da Madeira

12th International Illustration Meeting in S. João da Madeira, tour at Viarco.

ArtGraf Workshop

Olmar, Porto

We went to Olmar, Porto, to mentor an ArtGraf workshop.

Drawing Square

Concreta Exponor, Porto

By Concreta’s (Exponor) invitation, the visitors got to remember the Viarco brand from the professional pencils to the historic ones.


Comedy Festival

The “Gargalhão” came to Viarco for 15 minutes of humor.

workshop at L Cornellison and Son

London, UK

We attended to this fantastic art material store to display and explain Viarco and ArtGraf products.



Starting from this year, Viarco is licensed to use FSC and PEFC certified wood.

Olympiart, IWS

New Delhi, India

Following the invitation from our Indian distributor, the ArtGraf brand attended the 1st watercolor meeting in New Delhi.

Talk at Drawing Project UK

Trowbridge, UK

Regarding the exhibition that emerged from the artistic residence “Thinking Graphite”, we had a talk session with artists at Trowbridge, UK.


European Fund

Conclusion of the Innovation and Productivity Project. The Internationalization Project and the Digital Strategy Project are still running.

Industrial Tourism

S. João da Madeira

During the year we have received nearly 8500 visitors. A big thanks!